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Welcome to Yoga for Cancer

We are more than just the next yoga platform. We are a yoga charity. We provide quality yoga classes for everybody – also for people affected by cancer.

We want to create awareness of our most precious gift – health – and the positive effects of yoga to our wellbeing.

And we want to raise awareness and money to help overcome one of the world’s biggest and most threatening diseases: cancer.

With Yoga for Cancer you do yoga for a good cause. Check out our yoga channel on YouTube and stay tuned for our upcoming yoga events.

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Do yoga for a good cause

Do yoga for a good cause

Do yoga for a good cause

Do yoga for a good cause

Do yoga for a good cause

About us

Yoga for Cancer is a charity organisation that hosts yoga classes and events, and supports cancer organisations worldwide. It is based on a unique double-donation principle:

  1. Our yoga classes are donated to us by experienced yoga teachers all over the world.

  2. You can thank us for a yoga class by making a donation to Yoga for Cancer.

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Yoga for Cancer was founded in Berlin, Germany, in spring 2020 by Stephanie,  journalist ✍️, yoga teacher 🧘 and breast cancer survivor, and her partner Eric, engineer and bicycle 🚲 enthusiast.

Having lived through cancer together (and survived!), they now want to give something back to society: the chance to live a healthy life and the hope for healing.

To hear the whole story, watch the introductory video on the Youtube channel Yoga for Cancer, and if you feel this is for you, please hit the subscribe button.

Thank you and namaste! 🙏

Become a member

If you like what we do you can apply to become a member of Yoga for Cancer e.V. for an annual fee of 30 Euros.

Read our terms and conditions here

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October 28, 2020

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October 11, 2020

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