Das grosse Yoga-Charity-Event zugunsten krebskranker Kinder

Vom 12. bis 13. Februar 2022 in Berlin und live auf Zoom

Do something good for yourself and for others

Welcome to Yoga for Cancer

We are more than just the next yoga platform. We are a yoga charity. We provide quality yoga classes for everybody – also for people affected by cancer.

We want to create awareness of our most precious gift – health – and the positive effects of yoga to our wellbeing.

And we want to raise awareness and money to help overcome one of the world’s biggest and most threatening diseases: cancer.

With Yoga for Cancer you do yoga for a good cause. Check out our yoga channel on YouTube and stay tuned for our upcoming yoga events.

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Do yoga for a good cause

Do yoga for a good cause

Do yoga for a good cause

Do yoga for a good cause

Do yoga for a good cause

Our Success Stories

€ 5903,84 to Syltklinik
On the 13th February 2021, we hosted a one-day yoga event to help children with cancer. With almost 400 participants and Germany’s finest yoga teachers, “Aktion Kleine Helden” in partnership with Yoga Journal was a huge success. All classes are available on our YouTube channel.

€ 1200 to Cape Stiftung
During breast cancer awareness month 2020, we helped raise funds for breast cancer foundation Cape. Together with Heyday magazine we hosted a panel talk moderated by Loretta Stern (watch the video here). Stephanie was also invited to tell her story to the employees of Signavio.

€ 503,51 to Europa Donna Slovenija
7 different yoga classes live-streamed from 3 different countries: Pink October Yoga, in cooperation with Slovenian yoga brand Melon & Lime, was our first ever yoga event. On the 11th October 2020, over 60 people stepped onto the mat in support of breast cancer.

About us

Yoga for Cancer is a charity organisation that hosts yoga classes and events, and supports cancer organisations worldwide. It is based on a unique double-donation principle:

  1. Our yoga classes are donated to us by experienced yoga teachers all over the world.

  2. You can thank us for a yoga class by making a donation to Yoga for Cancer.

Make Donation

Yoga for Cancer was founded in Berlin, Germany, in spring 2020 by Stephanie,  journalist ✍️, yoga teacher 🧘 and breast cancer survivor, and her partner Eric, engineer and bicycle 🚲 enthusiast.

Having lived through cancer together (and survived!), they now want to give something back to society: the chance to live a healthy life and the hope for healing.

To hear the whole story, watch the introductory video on the Youtube channel Yoga for Cancer, and if you feel this is for you, please hit the subscribe button.

Thank you and namaste! 🙏

Become a member

If you like what we do you can apply to become a member of Yoga for Cancer e.V. for an annual fee of 30 Euros.

Read our terms and conditions here

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Our Events

Pink Sunday Yoga mit Amiena Zylla

December 5, 2021

9:45 - 10:45 Uhr

Die große Yoga-Charity-Event-Reihe live auf Zoom präsentiert von Pink Ribbon Deutschland & Yoga for Cancer
Alle Erlöse gehen an Pink Ribbon Deutschland.

Discover Past Events

Pink Sunday Yoga mit Tatiana Schäfers

October 3, 2021

9:45 - 10:45 Uhr

Die große Yoga-Charity-Event-Reihe live auf Zoom präsentiert von Pink Ribbon Deutschland & Yoga for Cancer
Alle Erlöse gehen an Pink Ribbon Deutschland.

Pink Sunday Yoga mit Constanza Witzel

November 7, 2021

9:45 - 10:45 Uhr

Die große Yoga-Charity-Event-Reihe live auf Zoom präsentiert von Pink Ribbon Deutschland & Yoga for Cancer
Alle Erlöse gehen an Pink Ribbon Deutschland.

Aktion Kleine Helden

February 13, 2021

Das große Yoga-Charity-Event live auf Zoom präsentiert von Yoga Journal & Yoga for Cancer
Alle Erlöse gehen an die Syltklinik der Deutschen Kinderkrebsstiftung.

All-Access Tagespass

February 13, 2021

Yogastunde mit Gabriela Bociz

February 13, 2021

9:00 - 10:00 Uhr

Yogastunde mit Amiena Zylla

February 13, 2021

10:30 - 11:30 Uhr

Yogastunde mit Sinah Diepold

February 13, 2021

12:00 - 13:00 Uhr

Yogastunde mit Tanja Seehofer & Yann Kuhlmann

February 13, 2021

14:30 - 15:30 Uhr

Yogastunde mit Leila Kadri Oostendorp

February 13, 2021

16:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Yogastunde mit Gina Weber & Terry Brackmann

February 13, 2021

17:30 - 18:30 Uhr

Our Teachers


Stefanie Lindbichler is a certified yoga instructor and ayurveda expert. She teaches vinyasa flow, yin and ayurveda yoga as well as yoga nidra. “My whole life has been positively influenced by yoga”, she says. This inspiration she passes on through yoga classes, ayurveda workshops and on her Instagram account @steffiliyoga where you get much more than an insight into her own practice: amazing views of her picturesque home in Upper Austria. If you are interested in exercising with Steffi or you want to find out more about her, visit her website www.steffiliyoga.com

March 13, 2021


Celine from Ayur’Yoga in Bordeaux France, is a yoga teacher who’s holistic approach comes across already in the name of her school. An eager student of ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and mantras, the former dance instructor trained with yoga school Quaternity Institute where she was introduced to a variety of styles – Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini and Yoga Nidra – that led her to her very own, calm but powerful practice. Her philosophy: “The most important thing is not actually that you reach your goal. It is rather about the way that you get there. This is the greatest enrichment.”

January 24, 2021


Sarah Elsing is a journalist, writer and yoga teacher specialised in helping people reconnect with their inner jewel and grow into their full creative potential. She combines what she loves and helped herself most in times of crisis: movement, meditation, mindful writing, creative practices and a good dose of optimism and self-love. Find out more about her classes on https://www.yoga-mit-sarah.de/ and on Instagram @innerjewel

November 13, 2020


Stephanie is the founder of Happie Haus and Yoga for Cancer. The former fashion journalist got diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. Thanks to her regular yoga practice, she was able to recover quickly from surgery and treatments, and decided to dedicate her life fully to yoga. With Happie Haus, she offers yoga classes and retreats for cancer patients and survivors. With Yoga for Cancer, she hosts and organizes yoga charity events to support cancer organisation worldwide through donations.

November 10, 2020


Yoga is a tool, a path and a life philosophy that can support people in all sorts of situations: This is Tatiana’s motto. She discovered the power of yoga for herself when suffering from leukemia – and decided to turn her passion into her profession. In 2016 she gave up a successful career in international marketing to fully dedicate herself to yoga. Since then, Tatiana has overcome her illness and considers her story a gift that she wants to pass on to others. Find out more about her on www.megaherz-yoga.com and on Instagram @megaherzyoga

November 10, 2020


Alice Radha’s first yoga teacher training took her to India. She participated in her first kirtan, and mantras have been an important part of her yoga ever since. With 500h trainings in Hatha, 50h in Yin and 20h in senior yoga, she is teaching yoga for every body. As a mantra expert she is hosting weekly kirtans, mantra workshops and trainings. Following her heart, she is travelling the world in the desire to share yoga and mantras with as many people as possible because it is her vision that then the world will be a more peaceful place. This is also why she created the mantra waves project. You can find information about Alice, her lessons, trainings, and projects at aliceradhayoga.com.

November 10, 2020


Colette is a psychologist, educator, and yoga teacher – so consider her yoga mat as her therapy couch 😉 With her agency Creaconcile, she supports employees and leaders in finding and developing mental and physical wellbeing. As a sports psychologist, she works with top athletes helping them to improve their performance. Colette discovered yoga as a way to make herself and others stronger – both mentally and physically – and decided to include this into her portfolio, always supported by her beloved yoga dog Harry. She’s a 200h Element Yoga teacher (AYA/EYA certified) and close to finishing her Vinyasa training. On request, Colette also offers yoga classes to groups or individuals.

November 10, 2020


Yoga has been a huge part of Hesia’s life for many years and she passionately shares her love for yoga with her students. Based in Paris, she has been teaching for more than three years (with over 300 hours) since her training with the Quaternity Institute. Known for her authentic and fun approach, her main areas of focus are Vinyasa flow which she adores for its creative aspects, and good postures to help with back aches which as a professional musician she is very accustomed to. Lately she has been preparing for a Yin yoga teacher training hoping that it will calm her frisky Vata.

November 4, 2020


Mallorca-born Lily discovered the healing power of yoga in Munich in 2013. At that time, she was suffering from scoliosis and was looking for ways to strengthen her spine and improve her posture – it worked. Wishing to help others she decided in 2019 to turn her passion into her profession and enrolled in a yoga teacher training. Lily lives once again in Mallorca where she works as a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher in Sóller at Studio S’Espai6, as well as in Palma de Mallorca at the RA MA Yoga Institute. When she’s not on the mat, the former journalist lovingly fills her blog Mallorcalma with insider tips from the island.

November 4, 2020


Lindita has a passion for food and nature – and she loves to connect to the body through Hatha yoga. Together with her mother, she is the founder of Polish yoga school Quaternity Institute. Lindita believes that all bodies in all shapes and in all ages have the right to do yoga and she tries to incorporate accessible yoga as often as she can. When Lindita is not teaching yoga, she is out on the fields of southern France farming.

November 4, 2020